Mrs. Suparna Bansal; Vice Principal
Dear Delegates,
At Bhavan Vidyalaya, a constant endeavor of every student and faculty member is to strive for paramount success in every venture that is undertaken. We have aimed for commendable performance and excellence every time we have set foot into unchartered territory.
The School is synonymous with imparting to children skills that have successfully set them apart from others and given them the courage to embrace their inimitability. Bhavan Vidyalaya has never been futile in its efforts to instill in students a sense of responsibility, to stand firm on their philosophies and has equipped each individual with the ability to lead others when the need surfaces.
BVCMUN 2021 is an exclusive platform that will provide young and fervent learners to hone their leadership dexterities and prepare them to take on the trials of tomorrow. The conference will not fail in leaving you astounded by the kind of talent that comes forward and the sheer hard work that goes into this remarkable event. We promise to bring to you a refined experience that will showcase the capabilities of young individuals and provide them the confidence to be distinguished.
I hope that the symposium successfully morphs amateur and zealous students into polished forerunners. It is with great pride, that I welcome you all to the second online edition of BVCMUN 2021.
Best wishes
Suparna Bansal