The United Nations Security Council, being one of the six primary organs of the United Nations, was formed after the disparaging World War II. The war wreaked indescribable obliteration, which led to the formation of this council. The Council’s objective is to maintain international peace and security, something which its predecessor, the League of Nations failed to do. It has established various peacekeeping operations and formulated appropriate plans for the establishment of a system to regulate the use of weaponry. This righteous organization has made remarkable efforts to sustain world harmony per the principles and purposes of the United Nations.

Rule of law is a principle that is obligatory and publically implemented. It is fundamental to international peace and security, hence being an agenda for the UNSC. Being cognizant of the primary goal of maintaining international peace and security, the Council has prolonged its options to ensure accountability for actions such as human rights violations and international crimes.


Upholding individual criminal accountability as part of the Council’s rule of law agenda in the context of its primary responsibility of maintaining international peace and security.