Prabhav Sharma - Secretary General

Freestyling with a football while he reads the Communist Manifesto, Prabhav Sharma is a man who seizes the moment. Dedicated towards his goals, imaginative with his ideas and true to his principles, he is the personification of equanimity. Empathy and firmness are his contrasting leadership strategies which create a healthy working atmosphere empowering each member of the Organising Committee to bring the best out of themselves.

In an age where dreaming is considered equivalent to naivety, his ambition motivates him to accomplish the unthinkable. When Descartes said “I think therefore I am”, Prabhav Sharma was not sitting far away. With a razor sharp sense of geopolitics and philosophy, Prabhav’s argumentation and logical analysis equips him to successfully dismantle the opposition with an unparalleled sense of debating composure.

His experience with BVCMUN over the past 4 years in various capacities has instilled in him a burning desire to strive for perfection, inspiring him to deliver an unprecedented conference. It is with great jubilance and pride that we present to you the Secretary General for BVCMUN 2020, Prabhav Sharma.