Gaurav Dhir - Secretary General

Apart from his exemplary leadership skills, there is one thing that no one can dispute about Gaurav, and that’s his incredible quirk and sharp wit. From sarcastic one-liners to elaborate puns, his humour never ceases to amaze those around him. As a leader, who leads by example, Gaurav positions himself as a credible person commanding the trust and respect of others. He creates an ingenious vision and motivates everyone with his stellar work ethic.

Inspired by the famous quote, “It’s going to happen, because I am going to make it happen,” Gaurav embodies the spirit and soul of his fictional idol, Harvey Specter and brings to the table a sense of confidence that is unparalleled. He harbours the ability to manage any situation and solve problems within the blink of an eye. His tendency to think on his feet and twist things around to uncover new perspectives is astounding. Not only is he a problem solver, but a born achiever as well. Gaurav never gives up and this forms the core of his winning mentality. He wins even when the odds are heavily stacked against him. Whether it’s a crunch situation on the football pitch or a pressure situation in an academic setting, he always manages to find a way out. Both his street smartness and broad base of knowledge paired together have aided his remarkable success in the world of MUNs and debates. With a niche and detailed understanding of world politics, his views are always knowledgable and well informed.

As the commander-in-chief of all our endeavours here at BVCMUN, he serves as an exceptional example of what patient and empathetic leadership should look akin to. When he forges on the path ahead, he makes sure that no one is left behind. Despite his remarkable achievements, he is kind and humble. Hence it will only be fair to say that Gaurav is tailor-made to occupy the role of Secretary-General of BVCMUN 2021. As he takes over the reins of the conference, it is indubitably true that he will command to engender a masterpiece that will be marvelled in years to come.