Mehar Chhabra - Secretary General

Mehar became a part of Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh in 2019 and since then has worked relentlessly for the success and smooth running of each MUN conference. It is her willingness to contribute and work hard that has led her to where she is today. Her robust nature coupled with seriousness towards her work helps her in bringing out the best in her fellow mates. An admirable quality that no one can dispute is that Mehar is always open to new ideas and perspectives. A democratic leader and an empathetic individual, she is the string of unity that holds the entire team together. Hence, it’s only fair to say that she is the perfect choice for her much reputed and respected position. Elated and pleased, we are proud to announce Mehar Chhabra as the Secretary-General for BVCMUN 2022.

Prabhat Rajagopalan - Director General

Being one of the most exemplary and responsible students Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh has nurtured, Prabhat has been associated with Bhavan Vidyalaya’s MUN Club since 2019. Constantly pushing his limits, he is an ardent debater with marvelous debating skills, thus bringing multiple laurels to our institution. Participating as a delegate in BVCMUN 2019 and serving as USG Registrations for BVCMUN 2021, his passionate contribution to the huge success of these conferences makes him the ideal candidate for his much sought-after position. With compassion and determination being his core values, we are extremely proud to present our wonderful and extremely talented Director-General, Prabhat S Rajagopalan.

Prityush Goraya - Convener

Apart from his outstanding leadership skills, one thing that no one can dispute about Prityush is his unique satire and prompt replies. From sarcastic one-liners to intricate jokes, his wit never ceases to astonish those around him.

As our convener here at BVCMUN, he is an outstanding example of what patient and empathetic leadership should look akin. When he forges on the path ahead, he makes sure that no one is left behind. It will only be fair to say that Prityush is the finest choice for his post. With Prityush on the team, the conference will conquer great heights and inspire forthcoming MUNs. We are delighted to present Prityush Goraya as the Convener of BVCMUN 2022.

Bhoomika Chawla - Chief of Staff

Her ties with BVCMUN date back to 2018 when she started her journey as a member of staff for the Conference Services. In the year 2021, her invaluable contribution as USG PR helped in the smooth running of the conference. She has, from the very beginning, put in tireless efforts in making each conference reach the pinnacle of its success. Her zeal, wit and conviction have helped her traverse the path of commendable accomplishments and achievements. It is her managerial skills paired with experience and conviviality that makes her the most suitable person for this position. Thus, it is with immense pleasure and pride that we present to you our conscientious Chief of Staff for BVCMUN 2022, Bhoomika Chawla.