What is dynamic, exquisite, dexterous and exuberant? It is the Organizing Committee of BVCMUN 2021. A collection of carefully chosen bright minds, the OC is that crucial element, without which this much awaited event would’ve been inconceivable.

This bunch of enterprising individuals endure quite a many arduous days and sleepless nights to ensure that the delegates get to experience something that is remarkable, distinctive as well as simply wonderful. The focal point of all their activities and decisions is devising novel and interesting protocols that will ensure that this second online edition of BVCMUN gets as close to being perfect as it can. And to guarantee this, they happily give it all that they have. This is one unique assortment of people that is extremely interesting, awfully focused and indisputably unperturbed, all at the same time.
The task of organizing an MUN is not a cakewalk but the adroit and practical conduct of this team surely tricks us into believing that it is. So with confidence levels high and proficiency levels even higher, the Organizing Committee is all set to raise the bar higher than ever, and give the world something to applaud for times to come.