Armaan Misra - Director General
An alluring and affable persona, Armaan Misra’s easy-going and charming aura never fails to put those around him at ease. With his witty repartee and jest, his teammates can’t help but break into a smile. Apart from being a master in wordplay, Armaan also lightens the mood of everyone around him with his musical skills, singing and playing his pleasant and relaxing ukulele, which not only grants everyone respite but also aids them in working exceptionally well under pressure.

Armaan is also a natural leader. His ability to think clearly and maintain his composure even in the most stressful of times helps him carefully resolve any predicament that comes his way. He makes the best of any situation that life throws at him and handles it with such dexterity, that everyone in the Organising Committee gets stimulated to give their best.

Along with a strong command of international affairs in his arsenal, his clever thinking and superb oration makes him a fierce debater, and a great MUNer. Once he puts his mind to a task, no impediment can deter him from reaching his target. An exuberant yet hard-working personality, Armaan Misra, Director-General BVCMUN 2020 is the ideal choice for the job.