Krishna Makkar - Director General

Optimistic, magnanimous, and demonstrative, Krishna Makkar is inarguably the epitome of virtuous leadership with unrivaled managerial skills. His warmth and amicability never fail to invigorate every member of the Organizing Committee.

With his focus only on the target, whether it’s on the cricket field or for the conference, his teamwork and solidarity help in achieving incomparable results. As a Cricket player he has learned that he cannot let failures and disappointments get to him, but instead, there is a need for him to bounce back and try again. His “never-say-die” attitude opens up the gates to various opportunities along the way. Prompted by curiosity, he explores things from a distinct perspective and is always open to learning new things. In him, the organizing committee finds a leader who is ever ready to help out those availing guidance and take upon himself the worries and stresses of others. Having been associated with BVCMUN over the past 4 years has made him adroit with all the intricacies that come along with it. An emissary of serenity, his ability to maintain composure helps him to solve all problems effortlessly, making him the go-to person in times of a crisis.

Krishna’s pragmatic persona and eye for detail allow him to be the one who supervises and guides every person past impediments. These protrusive traits make him the ideal person for this post. It is with immense pleasure that we present to you, the ever zealous Director-General for BVCMUN 2021, Krishna Makkar.