Shria Jindal- Convener

Any victorious team requires a lot of hard work and hustle. But it also needs a leader who pacifies their rigidity with an eloquent smile. With an eye of ideation, Shria Jindal delivers all the requisite assets of performing the duty of the Convenor of BVCMUN 2020.

If there is one voice that can take you through this roller coaster ride of emotions and passion coupled with intellect and bring you back in a matter of seconds, it is her. She is a hard worker who is willing to take new challenges every day to impart instructions and create an excellent working environment. Her passion for writing and poetry is what drives her to always give best in everything she does. Being an ardent poet she brings to life even the minutest details.

A lady with charisma who leads the way for all her teammates and her down to earth personality brings harmony to the entire team. A dedicated and enthusiastic individual with a deep love for literature and lawn tennis. She personifies the beauty of irony by embedding solid ambers in her soft voice. Her sense of judgement is her forte,her extraordinary friendliness and superintendence are her armoury.

We feel immensely ecstatic to witness this star in the making who, since her arrival, has taken BVC by a high rising tornado. It is with great exultation that we present to you, the ever passionate and diligent Convenor of BVCMUN 2020, Shria Jindal.