Ryba Arora - Convener

Amidst a raging storm, there is, for a moment, a gentle breeze that gushes across, as its melody gives rise to a heavenly symphony. Just like the pleasant breeze radiates hope and exuberance, Ryba’s charming and lively persona diffuses gaiety into the space around her.

Whenever free, Ryba can be spotted flipping through a cookbook; it is from her love of baking that originates her possession of a fine eye for the tiniest of details. Be it the golden brown colour of a vanilla cake or understanding the intricacies of organising a conference, she has mastered them all. A seasoned blend of diligence and proficiency, she has a fire in her eyes, which transforms her ideas into reality, and creates a vision of incredible beauty transcending imagination. Because of her conviction to create a more comfortable and inclusive work atmosphere, Ryba truly acts as the unifying force of the organizing committee.

Her exceptional ability to execute each task with dexterity and her unflattering composure makes her the ideal pick for the position. An exemplary illustration of a trustworthy, strong-willed, and robust leader, it is with great ecstasy that we present to you, the Convener for BVCMUN 2021, Ryba Arora.