Armaan Angra - Cheif of staff

Armaan Angra, the Chief of Staff, BVCMUN 2020 is a passionate debater with exceptional leadership qualities. His vision has been a constant guiding force for everybody working with him. His incessant commitment and keen determination combined with an unparalleled sense of perfectionism ensure that under his leadership, visions transform into reality.

Armaan has been a part of BVCMUN for many years. His MUNing experience and analytical skills pertinaciously go the extra mile in making BVCMUN 2020 yet another spectacular achievement. He habitually assists everyone in tasks and ensures a serene yet fruitful environment. His extraordinary logical argumentation and reasoning skills along with his experience in dealing with administration and finances aid the working of the conference in an unprecedented manner. His calm perspective of looking at all situations helps him find a solution to every problem. His serene and placid persona never fails to lighten the temperament of people around him. With punctilious and meticulous efforts, Armaan continues to amaze and inspire everyone around himself. He is an exceptional example of an unsurpassable leader proving to be a paragon for all.

Under his guidance BVCMUN 2020 is sure to touch new skies and bring glory and honour to the institution.