Manvi Pahwa - Chief of staff

Dancing to the rhythm of life, Manvi Pahwa is the perfect amalgamation of firmness and empathy. The ingenuity in her mind and quintessence in her work, make Manvi’s selection for the coveted position of the ‘Chief of Staff’ a felicitous choice.

With nature, so amiable and cordial, she is ever ready to help anyone requiring guidance. Focusing on the ray of light at the end of the tunnel, she works towards bringing out the best in everyone. Manvi’s personalised approach proves to be a guiding light for all. Manvi is concertedly known to accurately track all tasks to timely completion. Her experience in the world of oration is commendable and her command over the language merits appreciation. Leadership comes to her naturally. Instilled with the abilities of team spirit, coordination and hard work, she is a born bellwether. She leaves no stone unturned and believes in going the extra mile to fulfil the task at hand. Committed to her work, she is proficiently adept at organising and managing tasks in the best way possible. Driven by foresightedness, Manvi can spend hours listening to old songs and reading romcoms, while still managing to be an accomplished leader.

Through her congenial efforts, she eliminates pressure from her peers. A constant source of motivation, we are sure that with Manvi in the team, the conference will achieve stratospheric heights and set the bar high for the conferences to come. We feel elated to announce Manvi Pahwa as the Chief of Staff of BVCMUN 2021.