Shrouded in an era of darkness, where the cries for help and salvation remain unheard, a time when greed and a hunger for power, override one’s senses; it is in these dark and dire circumstances, that hope shrivels up into nothing. But somewhere somehow a silver lining peeks from behind those mellow clouds.

And it is this beautiful dream of sanity and asylum that drives away the nightmares and breaks the shackles of infidelity, dishonour and corruption.
And it is this veil of peace that wipes away the stains of inhumanity and bloodshed, giving birth to a Revolution, for ‘From Faith Comes Strength’.

BVCMUN 2018, a harbinger for such ideals, saw multitudes of heated debates and deliberations on bringing down the evils in the society. It not only provided an opportunity to inculcate the virtues of an idealistic world within the delegates, but also gave them the knowledge and experience of a lifetime. It ignited a fire and passion within the delegates to restore lucidity to a world of mayhem, to rise from the ashes as Messiahs of peace, of harmony, and of resilience in the face of adversity.