“Seek wisdom not knowledge, knowledge is of the past and wisdom is of the future. “
In today’s time, when our world is overcast by clouds of darkness the vision for the true essence of life is lost. It is a time when everyone is overpowered by the knack of greed and selfishness. It is in these shadowy times, in these grave circumstances, that hope starts fading away. In such times, knowledge guided by wisdom is the silver lining to the dark cloud.
The need of the hour becomes not to study to gain knowledge, but to observe, to acquire wisdom; For, from this ideology comes a glimmer of hope.
BVCMUN 2019, a harbinger for such ideals, saw numerous heated debates and deliberations on guiding the young leaders of tomorrow from knowledge to wisdom. It not only provided them with a platform to express themselves but also allowed them to inculcate the virtues of an idealistic world, comprehend the true meaning of wisdom and sense of compassion. It gave the delegates an experience of a lifetime and ignited within them a fire of solicitude taking them on an enlightening journey from “knowledge to wisdom”.