Bhavan Vidyalaya has been a pinnacle institution in its race today whose persistent strive for excellence has borne commendable results in all spheres of education. Its enduring efforts, and utmost enthusiasm in all its endeavours has helped a holistic and effective development of the youth of tomorrow. It believes in providing its students with wings to soar high towards their full potential and stupendous deliverance.
Bhavan Vidyalaya intends to allow young minds to constantly explore the world for themselves and learn to chisel themselves in ways they find fitting. It acknowledges the fact that education goes way beyond the classroom and plays an extremely important role in modeling not only individuals but lives as well. Yet, the school has irrefutably carved a niche for itself in the academic sphere by delivering only the finest performances year after year. As a fine example of the paramount glory that the school has managed to attain, it has received All India Rank 1 on the parameter of Academic Reputation with a score of 95/100 in the Education World India School Rankings, 2014. Also, the school showcased illustrious performance in class XII Board Exams, 2015 by producing city toppers in all three streams.
With the purpose of letting students gain valuable experiences in the real world, the school promises to present young minds with a vast array of activities. The school presents students with challenges that force them to go beyond the prosaic and embrace their uniqueness in ways that leave the onlookers astounded. With activities ranging from dances to debates, singing to elocution, and sports to social service, the school truly promises an all-encompassing education to every individual and an opportunity to push beyond their creative horizons.
The school motto – Learn, Labour, Love; beautifully captures the ideals and principles of this glorious institution. Every event associated with the school, the Annual Function, the Sports Day or BVCMUN, has given fervent individuals various opportunities to learn to appreciate every outcome, labour to achieve paramount success and love the sheer hard work that goes into presenting themselves as the distinguished ones. Not only does the school promise a platform to children with numerous talents, it works passionately with children with gifted souls and zealous attitudes. The special cell is a wonderful part of the Bhavan Vidyalaya family that assures a joyful environment for specially abled children.
It has undertaken an oath to absorb knowledge from all sides. It rests on the foundation of duty, determination and discipline. True to its words, “the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest of them all”, Bhavan gives an opportunity to take the less travelled road and emerge victorious in our unique and individualistic approach. Bhavan provides all its students with an opportunity to hone their skills and emerge victorious in every sphere of life.