Ad Hoc committees are small, advanced forums wherein debates are fast-paced and gripping. The effective functioning of this committee centres around the experience and analytical capabilities of delegates. The Ad Hoc Committee for US-Israel relations will aim to review, re-examine and re-evaluate the evolving relationship between the two countries while being mindful of recent developments in the Gaza strip.

Historically, the partnership with Israel has been a medium of reinforcing America’s moral values and strategic interests. It has enjoyed bipartisan support since Israel is considered a democratic, reliable and stable ally that advances American interests in a highly volatile and strategically important region of the world. However, during the latest round of strife between Israel and Hamas which subsequently ended in a ceasefire, the Biden administration came under immense pressure to broker peace between the warring parties. In the USA itself, various senators and congress members have openly challenged US policy and demanded the protection of Palestinians. During an official statement on 21st May, President Joe Biden himself stated that he had put immense pressure on Prime Minister Netanyahu to negotiate a ceasefire at the earliest.

Do these recent developments indicate a substantial shift away from America’s long-standing support of Israel? The deliberations of this Ad Hoc committee will take place to answer such questions and reconsider the relations between both countries keeping in mind the recent state of affairs.


Reassessing the US-Israel Relations in light of recent events.