In an era when repression takes several forms to seize control over various aspects of our lives, the ability to express becomes all the more important. As Mahatma Gandhi prominently said, “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.” The struggle to complete the journey from systematic repression to enlightened expression is arduous yet rewarding. Achieving this transition requires immense grit and determination; a burning desire to stand up in the name of justice. The 11th edition of BVCMUN, which was widely appreciated within the MUN circuit, was based on these ideals. The conference was a forum where debate and discussion, the most powerful and oldest forms of expression known to man were encouraged and appreciated. Committee deliberations presented in themselves, an opportunity for delegates to gain a unique and knowledgeable perspective on issues plaguing the world; a virtue that is necessary to achieve polemical expression. With the theme ‘From Repression to Expression’ BVCMUN 2020 emerged as a hub of unstinting political and social discourse. By making the best use of the resources at hand, we hosted the first online edition to hold up to the legacy and prestige of BVCMUN. While living up to this ideal, the conference gave all the attendees the experience of a lifetime, transforming them into individuals equipped with the powerful tool of articulate expression.